Goro Healthcare partners with Demophorius in the UAE and Qatar

December, 321

Goro Healthcare is proud to announce our partnership with Dmophorius to commercialize and distribute its high quality medical devices in the UAE and Qatar

Demophorius Healthcare is a world leader and global provider of medical devices dedicated to improving the health and the quality of peoples’ lives. A new portfolio of Sutures, blood bags, gloves and consumables will be available soon for our patients in UAE and Qatar

Goro Healthcare launches Neopausil® in the United Arab Emirates

July, 321

Goro Healthcare is proud to introduce our latest innovation to treat Menopause and Perimenopause symptoms. Neopausil® is a combination of natural ingredients (Resveratrol, Vitamin D and Vitamin E), proven to reduce menopause symptoms by 4 times, and is effective as a hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Neopausil is made in Italy by Pro-Biopharma and now available in UAE.

Tanyx® obtain MOHAP registration approval

January, 1021

Tanyx® – a new concept in pain management – has been granted a registration approval for the Ministry of Health And Prevention in the United Arab Emirates. TANYX® is the world’s first US-FDA approved, self applicable and portable TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology based PAIN RELIEF device with patents in 40+ countries. It’s smaller than any other TENS device in the market; it is set specifically for pain relief; it has no wires; it is portable, and it can be self-applied without any further assistance.TENS technology uses controlled electrical stimulation, that when in contact with the skin, it blocks the pain signals going to the CNS (Central Nervous System).

Goro Healthcare signs an exclusive distribution agreement with The OTClab and Perfect Care Phamra

September, 820

Goro Healthcare have signed an exclusive distribution agreement with The OTClab and Perfect Care Phamra. The company strengthen its current portfolio with the addition of Bitener, Detoxner IBS, and Cerveron to treat various conditions such as nail biting, Irritable Bowel Syndrom, and Vaginal infections, respectively. The OTClab is A fast-growing global healthcare company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Producing natural, easy-to-use, and safe over-the-counter (OTC) consumer healthcare products. Whereas Perfect Care Pharma was founded in the year 2012 with the purpose of distributing products related to healthcare on the Romanian and international market, based in Romania, EU.

Preliminary results from Russian trials find that vaccine candidates led to no serious adverse events and elicit antibody response

September, 420

Results from two early-phase Russian non-randomised vaccine trials (Sputnik V) in a total of 76 people are published today in The Lancet, finding that two formulations of a two-part vaccine have a good safety profile with no serious adverse events detected over 42 days, and induce antibody responses in all participants within 21 days.

FDA announces first of its kind program to communicate patient reported outcomes from oncology clinical trials

July, 120

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration launched Project Patient Voice, an initiative of the FDA’s Oncology Center of Excellence (OCE). Through a new website, Project Patient Voice creates a consistent source of publicly available information describing patient-reported symptoms from cancer trials for marketed treatments. While this patient-reported data has historically been analyzed by the FDA during the drug approval process, it is rarely included in product labeling and, therefore, is largely inaccessible to the public.

Sanofi intends to sell its equity investment in Regeneron; confirms no change to ongoing collaboration

May, 2620

Sanofi announced its intent to sell its equity investment in Regeneron (NASDAQ: REGN) through a registered public offering and related share repurchase by Regeneron. The registered offering and share repurchase will have no impact on the ongoing collaboration between Sanofi and Regeneron

Goro Healthcare signs distribution agreement with Avanzcare to become the exclusive distributor of Goro’s portfolio in Qatar

April, 420

Goro Healthcare signs distribution agreement with industry leader – Avanzcare – to become the exclusive distributor in Qatar. Both companies will collaborate to bring to Qatari patients advanced healthcare products to treat several conditions such as chronic pain, IBS, hemorrhoids, and vaginal infections. Avanzcare is a unique business model serving the healthcare sector through pharmaceutical distribution, manufacturing, healthcare centers, retailing, and Co-Marketing.

TANYX® speed up recovery for Neymar to play against Colombia:

May, 1419

Neymar uses TANYX® to accelerate his recovery, three days before playing against Colombia on 04/06/2014 at the World Cup 2014 in Brazil. The Brazilian team won the Colombia 2-1

A patient with back pain was born again after using Perozin®:

February, 2819

Mogens Kondrup 56 years old man with back pain from neck to the lower back after an accident at work: “I tried everything, chiropractors, rheumatologists, physiotherapists, NSAID’s, vallium etc… without getting any relieve from the unbearable constant pain. When I was advised to try Perozin®, I thought that is again the marketing that is more efficient than the product. After two weeks, I was born again; I did not have any pain at all. I still use Perozin® once a week”

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