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Cerviron vaginal ovules contain 7 active components that confer their beneficial therapeutic properties in multiple disorders or the female genital tract.



Cerviron vaginal ovules contain 7 active components that confer their beneficial therapeutic properties in multiple disorders or the female genital tract.

These properties are due to the cumulative or antagonistic effects of the components, and the low concentrations in which they are found, avoids any unwanted local effects and stimulates the immune system, restoring the initial colpoecosystem (the vaginal ecosystem, which represents a complex system, which integrates into a dynamic functional unit a biotic communion, biocenosis, consisting of all the microorganisms in the vagina, which are in interaction), without affecting the Dderlein bacilli, from the vagina, which creates conditions conducive to their development.

All of these active components are incorporated in an inert base of suppositories, semi-synthetic glycerides, which ensure a homogeneous dispersion. Due to this composition, the Cerviron product
diminishes or removes the inflammatory phenomena in the vagina and cervix, has antiseptic effects on the pathogenic intravaginal flora, but it favors the restoration of the normal microflora, diminishes or cures the erosions of the cervix, completely or partially restores the mucus trophies removes pain, burning sensations and itching in the female genital tract, accompanied by pathological hypersecretion and local and general discomfort.

Acute and chronic vulvovaginitis; cervical erosions of various etiologies, simple or infected; leucorrhea; vulvar itching; pre and postoperative treatment in gynecological surgery.

Administration of Cerviron
Intravaginal, 1 ovule in the evening, after vaginal washing, preferably starting with the first day after the end of menstrual flow, for 10-15 days per month. The improvement occurs at the first month of treatment. The treatment is repeated several months, until healing or for the consolidation and maintenance of the favorable effects obtained.

The existing informative data do not signal contraindications.

Side effects
Rarely local irritation, mild, transient.

Qualitative and quantitative composition

An ovule contains bismuth subgallate – 100 mg, hydrolyzed collagen – 15,0 mg, thyme extract (Thymus vulgaris) – 10 mg, Hydrastis Canadensis extract – 10
mg, calendula glycolic extract (Calendula ocinalis) – 10 mg, Turmeric extract (Curcuma longa) – 10 mg,
hexylresorcinol – 2,0 mg.

Dosage and administration

The recommended dose is 1 Cerviron ovule vaginally administered, in the evening, preferably following the vaginal irrigation. The treatment starts on the rst day after ending the menstruation and is administered for 10 – 15 days a month. It may be repeated for several months, until recovery or for consolidating and maintaining the favourable eects attained.

Nature and content of the package

2 thermo-welded foils made of PVC/PE, of 5 ovules each.


Perfect Care Distribution SRL,
Str. Nicolae Pascu, nr. 4, Bl. R2, Sc. A, Sector 3,
Bucharest, Romania



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