Goro Healthcare adds three new products to our portfolio

Goro Healthcare adds three new products to our portfolio

13 May, 2024  

We are excited to announce a new strategic partnership that expands our portfolio and unique product offering to patients in the Middle East. Through collaboration with our partner Oanis, and European pharmaceutical manufacturer, Lotos Pharma, Goro Healthcare has obtained exclusive distribution and commercialization rights to three new high-value products in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar. These include:

Good Sleep Spray: a new spray formulation of melatonin and passiflora, for sleep regulation, designed for faster absorption and effect, than presently available oral solid formulations.

Good Sleep Caps: a combination that also includes melatonin and passiflora as well as isovaleric acid and hops strobi, to relieve anxiety and sedation, in addition to its impact on sleep regulation.

Hepasan Forte®: a combination product for maintaining liver health including, normal metabolism of lipids and homocysteine, maintenance of liver cell protection and promotion of bile production.

Oanis: https://www.oanis.eu/

Lotos Pharma: https://www.lotos-pharma.com/en/


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