Goro Healthcare adds three new products to our portfolio

May, 1324

We are excited to announce a new strategic partnership that expands our portfolio and unique product offering to patients in the Middle East. Through collaboration with our partner Oanis, and European pharmaceutical manufacturer, Lotos Pharma, Goro Healthcare has obtained exclusive distribution and commercialization rights to three new high-value products in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar. These include:

Good Sleep Spray: a new spray formulation of melatonin and passiflora, for sleep regulation, designed for faster absorption and effect, than presently available oral solid formulations.

Good Sleep Caps: a combination that also includes melatonin and passiflora as well as isovaleric acid and hops strobi, to relieve anxiety and sedation, in addition to its impact on sleep regulation.

Hepasan Forte®: a combination product for maintaining liver health including, normal metabolism of lipids and homocysteine, maintenance of liver cell protection and promotion of bile production.

Oanis: https://www.oanis.eu/

Lotos Pharma: https://www.lotos-pharma.com/en/


Announcing the launch of our Regional Distribution Framework

June, 2223

We are proud to announce Goro Healthcare’s partnerships with four of the largest distributors in the Gulf (GCC) region; Cigalah Group, City Pharmacy, Avanzcare and Al-Safa Group. This step marks a critical milestone to activating Goro Healthcare’s best-in-class distribution platform in the Middle East and ensures that we are able to deliver on our commitment to be an efficient, end-to-end, single entry partner for international healthcare companies seeking to expand in our region.

Since starting business activities in 1911, Saudi Arabian firm, Cigalah Group, has partnered with a vast number of Fortune 500 and Global 500 healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, to distribute their products across various markets in the region. In addition to healthcare and biomedical verticals, Cigalah also operates in consumer products and business development services among other industries.


Established in 1967, City Pharmacy is the leading pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical equipment distributor in the United Arab Emirates, and a local distribution partner for the vast majority of the top 20 multinational pharmaceutical companies in the world in addition to multiple leading medical device, dental, laboratory, hospital and consumer health companies.


Qatari distributor, Avanzcare is one of the leading distributors for multinational healthcare, specialty pharmaceutical and medical equipment brands in the country. Avanzcare operates locally in Qatar and regionally across the GCC region.


Established in 1996, Al Safa Group distributes an extensive portfolio of pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, veterinary products and medical devices for its partners from the United States, Europe and Asia. In addition, Al Safa Group also owns over 200 physical stores across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia giving it unique retail reach and expertise in the country.


Goro Healthcare signs an exclusive distribution agreement with Perfect Care Pharma

September, 822

Goro Healthcare has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with European healthcare company, Perfect Care Pharma, expanding our offering in Women’s Health and General Medicine with the addition of two new products; Cerviron® and Hemoron®.

Cerviron® is used to treat multiple indications, including vaginal infections, cervical erosions, vulvar itching and for pre and postoperative treatment in gynecological surgery. The product is available as vaginal ovules.

Hemoron® suppositories are used to treat hemorrhoids and have been shown to reduce local pain and inflammation while helping regenerate damaged tissue and reducing bleeding.

Our partner, Perfect Care Pharma was founded in the year 2012, with the purpose of distributing healthcare products in international markets. Perfect Care Pharma is based in Romania, and its portfolio is focused on Women’s Health and Gynecology.

For more information, please visit:

Global Cerviron Webpage: https://cerviron.com/

Our Partner: https://perfectcare.ro/

Our Product: https://gorohealthcare.com/product/cerviron-ovules/

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