Goro Healthcare’s Impactful Participation at MEGO 2024 Conference

Goro Healthcare made a significant impact at the 3rd edition of the MEGO 2024 Conference, held at the Le Meridien Hotel in Dubai, where we proudly participated as a Bronze sponsor.

  • Exhibition Engagement: Our booth in the exhibition area attracted over 100 gynecologists from the UAE, GCC, and other Middle Eastern countries. These interactions facilitated insightful discussions on Cerviron and highlighted the pressing concerns in women’s healthcare.

  • Presentation Highlights: We delivered an engaging presentation on the primary indications of Cerviron to all MEGO participants, emphasizing its importance in addressing key health issues.     

  • Workshop Sponsorship: We were honored to sponsor 10 of the most eminent doctors from the UAE in various MEGO workshops and hands-on sessions, including Colposcopy, Vaginal Thread Lifting, and Hysteroscopy.

  • Round Table Discussion: Goro Healthcare organized a Round Table Discussion for MEGO speakers and chairpersons on Cerviron. This event, held a day after the MEGO conference, featured a compelling presentation by Dr. Diana Mihai, an international speaker from Romania and a prominent figure at the MEGO conference.

Our participation at MEGO 2024 underscores our commitment to advancing women’s healthcare and fostering meaningful partnerships in the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Mustafa Adam MEGO President & Dr. Haitham Abdelaziz GORO Country Manager During MEGO Activities

Collaboration with Dr. Suleiman Al Habib Hospital for continuous medical education

November, 1623

Our team was privileged to collaborate with Dr. Boheira El Geyoushi, Consultant Obstetrician, Gynecologist and Reproductive Health at Dr.Suleiman Al Habib’s Fertility Department, and to participate in the “Managing Infertility Together” health conference. With our recent launch of two new and unique Women’s Health products; Cerviron® and Neupausil®, Goro Healthcare is committed to partnering with our key customers to continue to improve access and awareness of vital medications that address under-treated female medical conditions in the region.

Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital (HMG) is part of Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group, the largest private healthcare provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital started its operations in 2015 and since its inception, the hospital is committed to providing acute, specialist-oriented, multi-disciplinary

healthcare to its patients. Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group has won the first place as the most influential healthcare provider in the Middle East according to Forbes magazine’s 2022 ranking.


Goro Healthcare launches Cerviron® in the United Arab Emirates

November, 623

As part of our commitment to introducing novel therapies in Women’s Health to our region, Goro Healthcare is proud to announce the launch of Cerviron® vaginal ovules in the United Arab Emirates. Cerviron® is used to treat multiple gynecological indications, including vaginal infections, cervical erosions, vulvar itching and for pre and postoperative treatment in gynecological surgery.

We are also delighted to announce that Cerviron® has obtained reimbursement approval in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and has been successfully listed in the formularies of key healthcare providers across the country. These are two critical milestones to ensuring that we drive access and ensure the availability of Cerviron® for our patients in the country. 

Our Partner: https://perfectcare.ro/

Our Products: https://gorohealthcare.com/product/cerviron-ovules/



King’s College Hospital Cerviron® Round Table Meeting

October, 1823

As part of Goro Healthcare’s key launch and customer engagement activities for Cerviron®, and upon the successful listing of the product in King’s College Hospital Dubai, we were privileged to hold a round table meeting with the members of the Gynecology Department at the hospital. The discussion was moderated by Dr. Aparna Devi Gumma, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist and Head of Department, and was an incredible opportunity for us to collaborate with and learn from key opinion leaders in the field, at a world-class healthcare provider.

King’s College Hospital Dubai is affiliated with King’s College Hospital in the UK, which has been in operation for more than 180 years since its establishment in Holborn, London in 1840. As a result of this affiliation, all clinical policies, procedures and practices in its UAE facilities have been established by King’s College Hospital UK and reflect close to two centuries of experience in delivering high quality patient care and world leading clinical outcomes using evidenced-based medicine and procedures.


Goro Healthcare launches Neopausil® in the United Arab Emirates

As part of our commitment to improving patient access to novel therapies in Women’s Health, Goro Healthcare is proud to announce its launch of Neopausil®, an innovative therapy to treat menopausal and peri-menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes, vaginal dryness and pain, as well as helping to counter depression and aging.

Neopausil® is a combination of natural ingredients (Resveratrol, Vitamin D and Vitamin E), proven to reduce menopausal symptoms, and shown to be as effective as hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Its patented technology, FM-LipoMATRIX, improves the bioavailability and distribution of its active ingredients. Neopausil is made in Italy by our partner Pro-Bio Pharma and is now available for patients in the UAE.

For more information, please visit:

Our Partner: https://www.probiopharma.it/

Our Product: https://gorohealthcare.com/product/neopausil/

Goro Healthcare partners with Demophorius in the UAE and Qatar

December, 1522

Goro Healthcare is proud to announce our partnership with Demophorius to commercialize and distribute its high-quality medical devices in the UAE and Qatar. With this agreement, and leveraging our end-to-end commercialization suite, a new portfolio of high quality CE approved sutures, blood bags, gloves and consumables will be launched very soon for our patients in UAE and Qatar.



Demophorius Healthcare is a world leading and award-winning provider of medical solutions that has been delivering high quality products via its worldwide distribution network for over 26 years. With its ISO and CE certifications Demophorius that it adheres to strict international quality standards in all its offerings.     

For more information, please visit:


Our Partner: https://demophorius.com/

Our Product: https://gorohealthcare.com/demophorius-healthcare/

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